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Common defects

It is not uncommon for things to be overseen or missed when buildings are constructed. Cracks and gaps between different parts of the building can be often seen during inspections of older properties. This may be due to a missing connecting detail or using an incorrect one.

The following parts of buildings are occasionally found split and separating during our inspections:

* Leaning gable wall away from the roof.
* Bowing flank walls to mansard roof rooms.
* Poorly connected porches and other adjoining walls with the main property walls.
* Incorrectly installed canopies and shelters.

Typical causes and remedies

Missing connecting straps between roof trusses or rafters and gable walls are often the cause of the leaning gable walls. Missing straps may have no effect for a number of years until the mortar in the brick joints starts giving way and the wall starts leaning outwards. If noticed early, this can be repaired relatively cheaply, compared to costs of repairs if it is left unattended for a long period or time.

When different types of walls such as stud and masonry are connecting together, as commonly seen in properties with rooms with a mansard roof, such connections occasionally are found to be poor or insufficient. Once again this can be fixed retrospectively if not left for too long. Often this is carried out using metal ties or straps, depending on the number of factors such as wall size, materials and how much disruption is acceptable (not allowed in listed properties).

Porches and adjoining walls to the main property may also split and separate due to too shallow foundations or lack of ties in between the walls.

Do call us if you are experiencing a similar issue and once we undertake the inspection and identify the problem, we will advise and guide you on how it can be fixed!

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Thank you for the brilliant service! It was delivered at very short notice. Had doubts that the report would come back in less than a week from instruction but received the copy as promised!

George Collins - Dagenham, Essex

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