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Common defects

Masonry (brick, block, concrete etc.) as a building material is used to build strong structures such as walls but it can still be affected by defects.

Cracking is probably the most common problem found in masonry but not the only one. Other common defects are bowing walls, delaminating surfaces, weathered surfaces and finishes, moisture penetration, and distortion such as leaning, slipping etc.

Typical causes and remedies

Most of the aforementioned defects arise from either ground movement or weather conditions (rainwater and temperature differences) or both.

General maintenance such a repointing, clearing any vegetation and allowing sufficient air movement helps keeping structures in good condition.

However it is more complicated with defects related to ground conditions. Ground movement may be caused by nearby trees, seasonal changes (due to differences in moisture content in the ground), settlement, insufficient foundations etc.

Ground movement may also be historical and has ceased. Therefore it is important to establish if the movement is still active and if it is, the cause of ground movement must be first identified and rectified before any repairs to the structure take place.

If you have any similar issues in your property, our surveyors will inspect it and assess the significance of the movement if necessary and prescribe the best repairs.

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